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Since I Donít Attend Sunday Morning Services, Do I Still Gather With Other Christians?


Absolutely! I frequently get together with other Christians. Several times a week, in fact. But this is not a routine I follow. I believe the church is God's family, so just as families get together very naturally, I allow my connections with other believers to just happen naturally. This may be getting together for dinner, lunch, or simply to pray for one another. I believe as Christians we need to learn how to live as family. The instruction in Hebrews 10:25 never says to organize a once a week meeting or a formal gathering, it just says don't neglect getting together with other believers. There has been a whole load of stuff added to that scripture that just isn't there.


So how do families gather? Well, they just call each other up and do it! And they don't go, "Okay, first Dad is going to speak for 30 minutes, then Mom is going to teach us a new song, then uncle Bill is going to take 15 minutes telling us about his new job, then cousin Tina is going to take ten minutes to tell us about her new doll. And we are all going to sit in rows facing forward as each person stands up front and shares." Can you imagine a family doing that?! We'd think they're crazy! But that is exactly what we Christians have done! We have organized God's family and lost sight of how to simply be family and get together as family. This is what I am learning to walk and live in. So I don't care what "group" or "organization" a brother or sister belongs to, I enjoy being with them as family. I like to meet other Christians, get to know them and then share what God is doing in each others lives. I like hearing what God is teaching them and sharing what He's teaching me. I have developed some very close relationships with some other believers by living this way. To me this is what being the church is all about.


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