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What About Ministry Outside Of Sunday Morning?


Does somebody have to attend a weekly Sunday morning meeting in order to minister to other Christians or receive from others? Is that meeting the church? See, I believe the people are the church, not a meeting. So the key is learning to live as the church through our daily lives. Absolutely, we should be encouraging and ministering to one another. But is a formal weekly meeting the only way that happens? Can this not happen through real relationships with one another? What about having other believers over for dinner? Is that not the church gathering together? What about sitting down with some brothers or sisters in Christ over lunch? Didn't Jesus say He'd be in the middle of that?


What we Christians have done is drawn up little compartments for God. We say that this one meeting once a week is spiritual time and when true ministry happens, then we view everything else is inferior to that time. But I don't believe that at all. In fact, through looking at the life of Jesus and His relationships with those around Him, I personally believe what happens living relationally through out the week with other believers is far more impacting than a weekly service. It was as Jesus and His followers were going from place to place among the people that He shaped their lives. I believe lives are shaped through genuine relationships, not weekly services. And the deepest ministry happens through relationship, not services.


Besides, in truth, only a select few are allowed to "minister" during those once a week meeting times to begin with. So we are not really being ministered to by one another, but only from a handful of people who have been deemed worthy to minister. (So much for the priesthood of all believers.) So even if a person was to come to a weekly meeting because they believed they had something to give that would build up their brothers and sisters, he would find himself as a “bench warmer” until he jumped through all the right hoops to prove that he was "worthy" to be used of God. He has to climb up whatever latter of command that organization has in place, be liked by all the right "important" people, then get their stamp of approval before he can simply share or encourage his brothers and sisters. This is not what I read in scripture. I read that we are all priests and ministers unto the Lord. I read that everybody has a gift to share. I read that if anybody has a song, share it, a word of encouragement, give it, a revelation, share it, a prophecy, speak it out.


These organizations claim to be Bible believing, but they seem to be very selective about what parts of the Bible they believe. I have grown so tired of the squelching of the priesthood of the believer. It really is a crime. What has been taken from all God's children and handed over to a select few is just wrong. And when I sit in organized meetings and I see His church sitting silent, facing forward, my heart breaks. I become so overwhelmed with grief when I see what has been taken from God's people. When I see Christians being organized and programmed rather than simply hearing God for themselves and walking in what God has put in their hearts, my heart breaks. When I see people living to perform on Sunday mornings or centering their walk with God around a once a week meeting, I'm grieved.

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