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Since I Don’t Attend Sunday Morning Services, Do I Still Gather With Other Christians?  But that is exactly what we Christians have done! We have organized God's family and lost sight of how to simply be family and get together as family.


What About Ministry Outside Of Sunday Morning?  So even if a person was to come to a weekly meeting because they believed they had something to give that would build up their brothers and sisters, he would find himself as a “bench warmer” until he jumped through all the right hoops to prove that he was "worthy" to be used of God.


Is Organized Religion The Same As Following Jesus?  I don't believe most people who hold to organized religion are bad. I don't even think God feels that way about them. I just don't think organized religion is God's best.


Thoughts On Revival  The revival that is happening is that people are discovering the simplicity of the life of Christ and intimacy with Him and they are leaving organized religion in droves in order to return to Him.


It Was About Jesus  It wasn't about Jabez, it was about Jesus. It wasn't about being "Purpose Driven" it was about Jesus.


Thoughts On Accountability  If I can not or will not hear God for myself or can not sense His conviction in my life, how is conforming to the moral standards of others going to bring me any closer to the Father?


Why Not Start My Own Gathering?  The reason why I refuse to start another gathering is because I am a firm believer in the priesthood of all believers. I have seen that anytime a person takes charge of a group of believers (no mater how well meaning) people just begin to look to them as almost a "go between" to God.


Men Are Leaving Church!  But see, I don't think Jesus is in such a rush to get men into services as many folks are. He hung with men by the sea shore. He fished with them. He ate with them.


The Ark On The Oxcart   So what’s the root of the problem that is allowing spiritual abuse to take place?  Simple: You can’t stick the ark on an oxcart and think there won’t be causalities!


Leaving Normal  There was once a city, by the name of Normal, that stood in the Land of Joy.  There was a high wall around Normal that the civilians called Comfort, because of the security that it seemed to give.  The civilians of Normal rarely ventured out beyond the Wall of Comfort.


A Call to Return to Simplicity   Paul wasn’t worried about the church running after pagan cults or crazy doctrines.  He was concerned that the church would be corrupted by abandoning the simplicity of Christ.  Wow! 


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