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Coming Down From The Mountain.  Four myths regarding Christian leadership.

Spiritual Authority Part 1  Understanding Spiritual Authority.  There is a great deal of confusion over the subject of Spiritual Authority because people tend to confuse natural authority and spiritual authority. This confusion is pervasive in the teachings of well-known Christian teachers like Bill Gothard and Watchman Nee.

Spiritual Authority Part 2 The Application Of Spiritual Authority.  This article reveals the active synergy in the authority/submission dynamic in the variety of areas of the believer's life.

Spiritual Authority Part 3 The Voice Of The Spirit Ron breaks up traditional views on what it means to hear the voice of the Spirit.

Spiritual Authority Part 4 Case Studies In Spiritual Authority  What does this scripture say about spiritual authority and the family?... Our goal should not be to replace the authority of the Spirit in our families but to help enable it.

Spiritual Authority Part 5 Power Over Serpents And Scorpions (Or Just A Broken Clock)  ...even though churches number in the hundreds of thousands and Christians in the 100’s of millions it seems that contemporary Christianity is powerless to prevent the spread of sin and decadency of our societies that continues to spiral down to hell.

Domesticating Christians Part 1: Fruitfulness And Natural Order  The “natural use [order]” God established for the Church is for Christ to be the spiritual head. This “order” allows the Church to experience spiritual procreation. But just as they did with nature, men have sought to change (i.e., pervert) the “natural use [order]” by placing men as the spiritual heads of their churches.

Domesticating Christians Part 2: Unnatural Selection – The Perversion Of God’s Order Today humanity is racing toward judgment and certain destruction typically referred to as Armageddon.  Let’s consider how this natural perversion of God’s order parallels the spiritual events of today.

Domesticating Christians Part 3: Addicted To Pleasure Paul writes that in the end, people will be all wrapped up in what brings them pleasure rather than caring about what God wants. They will be more interested in pursuing their own needs rather than a friendship with God.

What Is A New Testament Church? Part 1: The Old And New Testament Church There was an Old Testament Church just as there is a New Testament Church. Much of the problem Christians face today comes from a misunderstanding of what structure and obligations belong to the Old Testament Church and what to the New Testament Church.

What Is A New Testament Church? Part 2: Offerings Of Fire Are the current practices of home meetings, classes of ministry, and spiritual gifts the native work of the Holy Spirit, or have we created it by copying what we think the first generation of Christians did?

What Is A New Testament Church? Part 3: Contextual Ministry The New Testament Church recognized both the appointment of church offices and the endowment of gifts. Men appoint men to an office. A gift however, is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in a person. It is the Holy Spirit’s use of a believer for a divine purpose.

Joshua-gate Part 1: The Great End Time Conspiracy Paul wrote, “If God be for us, who can be against us (Romans 8:31)?” Since Satan is very effectively winning on every front, it is safe to ask the question: “Is God truly for us?” And if God is not for us, then why? Perhaps a better question to ask would be: “Is God working against us?”

Joshua-gate Part 2: The Conspiracy of Security We are convinced that the overabundance of Christian leaders who continue to proclaim God’s blessing on this backslid generation of Christians do not realize the spiritual influence they are under. They truly believe their own words of blessing.

Joshua-gate Part 3: The Jezebel Conspiracy: the Downfall of Kings Consider the magnitude of these words: “the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you.” Most Christians don’t really believe this. They feel insecure concerning their ability to hear from God, so they want to be taught. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. They are also insecure in their faith, their trust in God’s love for them, and even their salvation. Yes, this is normal for most contemporary Christians, but should it really be that way?

Joshua-gate Part 4:  Divestment--The Forgotten Words of Christ Christians are battling society for their rights to have shrines engraved on their walls and on their currency while remaining ignorant of the true nature of Satan’s attacks. And as they lose their battles, they become more and more afraid of the other “social” liberties they stand to lose.

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