I’ve been underwhelming myself lately. I’ve been thinking about the story of Jonah. I wonder if God had a lot more in store for Jonah. I’ve never heard of such a powerful complete transformation of such a wicked city. The story of Nineveh would’ve been on CNN had it happened today. JonahJesus even references himself to the ‘sign of Jonah’. The guy had it going on, and yet what’s so tragically lacking in Jonah’s story is any sense of fellowship with God. Sure, sure he has his epiphany in the fish, but come on who wouldn’t? Even the guys throwing him overboard found God. No, the guy was a grumpy old man from start to finish, despising God’s mercy and loving kindness.

Maybe the real sign of Jonah is that once Jesus did rise after three days we would be free to live in Father’s mercy and loving kindness instead of just talking about it.

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