Greetings from India

Greetings from India. We’re just about halfway through our visit here, and Father has blessed us each step of the way. The purpose for coming was to visit and encourage believers that have left the institutional church in the areas where they live, and we’ve been able to just that. I know just in our own experience it was a difficult time of adjustment and sorting out our previous understanding about our relationship with Father. The transition from religion to relationship wasn’t easy, filled with a lot of questions, and often wondering if you were doing the right thing

Since being here we’ve seen the same transitional pains, only more compounded by the intensity of pressure the institutional church brings to these folks. This pressure ranges from being derided as a cult to out and out physical attacks on these believers. In a culture where just about everyone identifies with one religion or another, these folks are much more isolated in fellowship with others of the same heart. By being available to discuss and encourage these folks, the Holy Spirit has increased their understanding of what it means to be a royal priesthood, growing in the knowledge of Father’s unconditional love for them.

We are currently in Shillong and will be here for the rest of our visit in India meeting with the believers here.

bob humphrey

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  1. Bino says:

    Wow! What you are doing is great! I am from India (State of Kerala), currently living in U.S. I myself have stepped out of the walls of religion about 2 years ago and ever since Father is doing wonderful things in our life. This is not to say that the transition was/is easy by any means. But I wouldn’t trade this journey for anything else.

    I have often wondered about the people in the same journey in India. When you said physical attack, I wasn’t surprised. Most of evangelical churches in India are unbelievably legalistic.

    My heart goes out to those who suffer persecution for leaving institutionalized church. From the bottom of my heart, I commend and admire what you are doing.

    I will stop by frequently to read/understand the ministries you are doing.

    Love and Freedom,

  2. Ian says:

    How exciting Bob for you and David. Looking forward with great anticipation to a future podcast about your experiences in India. It is exciting to see how God is hooking you up with folks not on the basis of a hierarchical, institutional framework but through relationships. Great stuff!

    Thanks so much for your willingness to share your life experiences on this blog and the podcasts.


  3. today i saw

    with the sugestion of ur member DAVID BRNCIK

    when i came one understanding about it i will share

    what we do together


  4. I am overwhelmed with both sadness and compassionate joy for you. I desire your freedom more then life itself but cant imagine the pain you feel from the persecution. I am here for you family and love you.

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