Greetings from Shillong

Greetings from Shillong,

A clear sky, and easy breeze has set the stage for this Sunday morning in Shillong. This city sits atop a plateau at an elevation of over 5,000ft so the temperature and humidity here are very comfortable. It’s very similar to Sacramento. I almost feel a little guilty that I’m not suffering under the same conditions we had at the previous town we were at.

Shillong reminds me of San Francisco. It’s a hilly city with apartments that cling to slopes and narrow streets that wind their way around the various neighborhoods. It has colleges here and various military facilities. It also happens to be the state capitol of Meghalaya. But make no mistake; it is still every bit India with crowded streets of people and cars zigzagging their way in choreographed chaos. From impoverished street merchants trying to sell things from dilapidated sheds to manual laborers working on bamboo scaffolding fastened together with ropes, every image is like a scene out of a National Geographic documentary.

The institutional church is well represented here. Reuben the brother hosting us here was a member of a charismatic church and after various events decided to function as a house church. Although it looked right on paper, the realities were more disappointing than expected. Their fellowship has recently gone through a transition where they stopped the house church model and from a desire to meet together have rented a small room to meet.

We have had a few days to gather and share with them. In the mornings we were able to meet with the men and have a dialog on the relational role of leadership as opposed to the common understanding of the institutional church. This also gave us a chance to get to know each other as well.

In the afternoon we were able to share with everyone. We focused our messages about our freedom in Christ and our identity as a royal priesthood. So far everyone has been greatly encouraged. I asked Reuben if he knew of any other groups like his that were outside the box. He knew of none, and Reuben knows many of the churches here in Shillong.

It’s been a tremendous opportunity to share and encourage these precious saints that are on this journey of freedom. Keep them in prayer to continue to grow in the revelation of themselves as a royal priesthood.

bob humphrey

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  1. Amy says:

    David, Bob and Loren,
    It’s been so neat reading about your experiences in India on this blog. I am sure you have both been touched and are making a profoundly beautiful impact on those you are are visiting. My heart is warmed by what you are doing.

    Shillong and Meghalaya sound so interesting. I love your vivid description of each. I will be praying for the remainder of your time there in India and that you three will have a safe and smooth journey back to the States.

    ~Amy :)

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