One of a Kind

Relationships are one of a kind. There are no two alike. This was brought home to me once again when I was having breakfast with a friend who runs a ministry helping ex-convicts and broken men getting there lives back together. We were discussing plans on getting his website upgraded, when this thought rose up in my head and popped out of my mouth. I suggested that he not teach or sermonize on the web site be become a storyteller. Their ministry is loaded with amazing stories of transformation and renewal, but the core of the thought that I had was that there are no other stories like that anywhere, because of the uniqueness of the relationships. Sure peoples lives have been changed in other recovery type of ministries, but their stories are just as unique. People are drawn to stories of lives transformed, we love connecting the dots ourselves of the meaning and significance of each story. Father reveals truth to us through these stories.

The problem I began to see, is that through programs and structures, the stories of changed lives too often get lost to the bottom line of a results oriented mentality when it comes to trying to manage these types of ministry efforts. Having become so much more aware of the value and impact Father makes in our lives through relationship, I’ve found myself appreciating the significance of stories of peoples lives, and looking for ways to tell these stories to others. I want to discover other’s stories to glimpse Father’s hand in shaping their lives.

bob humphrey

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