Revelation in the Relationship

Revelation in the relationship

This whole concept of hearing Father has continually been in my thoughts the past couple of weeks. I started thinking about revelation and how that impacts and grows our relationship in him.

The whole idea of receiving revelation was always kept in some mystical realm back in the IC. Jesus very plainly told his disciples that “it is to your advantage that I go…” he said this obviously because he was planning on sending the Holy Spirit to dwell within every believer. The very function of the Holy Spirit is simply to take us into all truth. Truth that we experience, truth that he speaks to us about, truth that instructs us. All of this is based upon a relationship with the Holy Spirit who already has a relationship with Christ, who has relationship with the Father. In fact the whole reality of the spirit dwelling within us is to make it rather common, continual. And so by living in the simplicity of this relationship, we grow in revelation.

bob humphrey

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