Finding Community

This topic has really been on my mind lately. I was reminded of it again in a phone call that I had with a friend. She’s single and ever since leaving the IC has had real struggle trying to find community with other believers. It wasn’t until our podcast with Julia Duin, that I realized the depth of the significance community means to believers that are single.

She had been under the impression that the only ‘legitimate’ place to find community was with believers that met regularly. This thought had kept her attending various meetings and gatherings of folks in home meetings that advertised ‘freedom’ and being ‘relational’, but turned out to be the same old IC mentality. But a discovery was made by my friend. It was that she could find community with folks in a variety of settings, or gatherings that didn’t have the ‘Christian’ tag on it. Shared hobbies or interests, and business mentoring opportunities.

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