Where Has All the Giving Gone?

I just got off the phone with Johnny Brooks a friend of mine in Kenya. He and his family are missionary dudes in Kenya. He hates being called a missionary but doesn’t mind being called a dude. Johnny is a no frills kind of guy whose understatement about things kind of catches me about 45 secs after he’s said it. One of his drops was about how most of the IC missionaries where he’s at in Kenya have packed up and left because of lack of funding. Even mainline aid agencies have all but disappeared for lack of cash. Hmm, funny that’s not a lead story on CNN or any of the other news pipes. I guess when economic woes are washing up on your own your parcel of life, you have a tendency to forget about the livelihood of others in situations far more in demand than your own. 45 sec later it hit me. I’m busted.

I know that Father has been restoring things back to his reality that were once flagrant areas of manipulation and control by IC standards and procedures. Is giving financially to others in need one of those areas that need a little restoring? Johnny and fam are greatly encouraged by their friends that they’ve connected with online and beyond, but financial support is scarce from the folks outside the IC. 43-44-45 busted again.

Johnny and Kate know and live in the hands of Father. They rely on him for everything. Johnny probably hates that I’m even writing about this, but oh well I’m busted again.

bob humphrey

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