Value. I am constantly reminded of the value of the mystery of the ages, Christ in us, the hope of glory. I was reminded when I reminded a brother of who he was in Christ. Circumstances had spun him off his bearings. Christ is in you!! I drilled back like an ice pick in his face. He admitted that it had been toooo long since he had realized it.

Value, I was chatting with a friend in North Carolina via Facebook and she was talking about tithing
… we are never allowed to give what God puts on our hearts to what ever because we got all these legalistic fools telling us the amount they want to give and how if they would spend less time talking about the money they need and just talk about the spiritual needs of the people they would get more money

and how when God is in something it is like when he built the temple and the people were moved so much that they had to be turned away from what they wanted to give.

I Kings 8 talks about Solomon’s dedication of the temple. The people were so into what God was doing that they couldn’t wait to be a part of it. Value.

I was asked by a guy earlier this week, “why does God even care about us?” Value.

bob humphrey

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