Money, Money, Money!

Important note: before you read this blog post, please be aware this is NOT an attempt to get you to contribute to our movie or some kind of slick marketing campaign, but an honest sharing of things Father has been showing us – period.

As I was praying a couple days ago about my personal finances and the movie fund raising effort something occurred to me. Everything with the movie has been moving along smooth as butter – the casting, amazing connections, the excitement of those involved, people liking the story, finding locations…except for THE MONEY!  Now if it had been an uphill battle in all those other areas I would have known we were moving outside of God’s grace.  But that’s just the thing…this whole project has been smothered in His grace.  I could tell you story after story of amazing God things that have occurred as we’ve gone forward.  So the lack of funding for this project just didn’t add up.

Then I started thinking about all these people I know of who love God and have set aside their lives for His purpose but lack the finances to do the very things that are in their hearts – that Father has called them to – and others have very real needs going unmet.  This made absolutely no sense!  Is God a God of frustration?  Does the One who owns the cattle on a thousand hills lack the resources to provide for His people?

Then Father began opening my eyes to some things.  It’s not that Father lacks, it’s that He’s after a heart change in His people.  His people aren’t free in the area of money. Money is the one area the enemy still has some level of control over because people (three fingers pointing back at myself) have made a god out of it.  Because of this the enemy has been able to dam up the provision that is needed.  Father is wanting for all of His people to blast that dam.  We can’t be truly free if money still has a hold on us.  Jesus spoke about money more than any other topic.  So even though it is taboo to bring it up, it is a topic that must not only be addressed but an arena we as His church need freedom in.

When you look at the church in Acts you see a people who were truly free.  They were so free that money had no hold on them and they ran counter culture in all their actions.  They were the conduit by which Father was able to meet the needs of His people. I’ve often heard quoted that scripture, “My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.”  But what are His riches in glory?  It’s His church – His people!  Folks, the American Christianity we were born and raised with is a lie.  It isn’t about shoring up our kingdoms, sprinkling it all with some Jesus beliefs, and then tossing out some left overs to the struggling masses.  It’s a life style of Father pouring in and we pour out.

Father showed me that I’ve had this attitude that “if I had enough I would meet that need!”  The other day Father basically said to me, “Well, why don’t you take the little you do have and give to that need?”  See, we forget that we serve the One who took a few loaves and fishes and fed thousands!  It was one small stone that brought down Goliath.  The issue is not the size of the dollar signs, but the size of your heart.  Are we living as a generous people actively engaged in Kingdom life or are we idle, protecting our own, looking to somebody else to do it while we wait for “someday” to arrive?

The occupiers march against the greed on Wall Street out of a hunger for a world that isn’t ruled by mammon.  Are we ready to display to this world that there is indeed a kingdom in which love rules, not mammon?

Loren Rosser

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2 Responses to Money, Money, Money!

  1. Doug Hengst says:

    cool sitefantastic info helped a lot will revistit back here now and again

  2. kara says:

    That is true, I believe God is dealing with His people in this area because it does rule us. I got into financial trouble, not really due to greed, but unforseen circumstances, however, I bought into the American Christian dream and it only brought trouble. I am unraveling things and hope God will give me the Grace to do things right this time.

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