Seeking God’s Will?

Recently I’ve talked with several people seeking counsel on finding the will of God for their lives. Some have expressed a deep concern and others a downright fear that they may be missing what God has planned for them regarding a major issue.

Religion leads us to believe that we must diligently seek Gods will, yet you won’t find that exhortation anywhere in the scriptures. There are a number of verses that mention God’s will, but none tell us to seek it.

There’s a simple test that quickly reveals the origination of any concern you might have. A concern stemming from religious thinking will feed your anxiety. You will feel the need to pray harder, read the Bible more or become “more spiritual” in some way to be worthy to hear his voice or otherwise to discover his will for you.

But according to scripture God’s will for us was already established when we received the sacrifice of Christ. It’s proved out in our lives as we offer ourselves to him daily in response to his mercy while refusing the world’s way of thinking. The world’s way of thinking promotes self effort. The mind renewed in Christ receives what he’s already done. As those made holy by his death and empowered by his life we are his will. The particulars of his will are revealed as we follow our heart.

David Fredrickson

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