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Daniel Woodward

Dan lives in Sacramento, CA


What began in 1999 expanded into a significant ministry to the underground culture. Other Christians began to see the impact of this ministry. Daniel began hosting other events throughout Northern California, showing others on how to reach out to the rave culture, putting on shows, and developing relationships with ministries in different parts of the world.

Daniel developed his own line of underground style clothing called FOUND CLOTHING in 1997.  Dan continues compose and record music.



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Dan has been involved with the rave scene since 1992 when he was first introduced to it at the age of 18. Seeing the darkness and hopelessness that permeated the underground culture, he began thinking and praying about ways to reach out to this culture.

It was late in 1997 when he began to focus his efforts toward this unique outreach. He began investing into sound and DJ equipment, and was soon developing his own DJ style. He began connecting with other Christians in Northern California that carried the same burden.

In 1999 Dan organized, promoted, and put on his first rave with the love of Christ being the focus.

It was a new experience for most of the youth volunteers. Many having never been to a rave, had no idea what to expect.

Paradigm shifts don't come quietly, and the sound beyond the beats coming out of the Whitestone Cafe, in Sacramento CA was a whole lot of paradigms falling regarding the underground scene, Christians, and the love of God.