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Welcome, we invite you check out artists that express their talents to others beyond church walls.


Jim is also inspired by playing with other musicians.  He finds that there is a synergy that playing with other skilled musicians produces that often turns into something exciting.  His song, “Open Range” came about during a band rehearsal.


As with so many other creative followers of Christ, Jim went through a time of trying to get his music to work inside the religious box.  He tried to be a worship leader and played keyboards for worship teams but found that the context was “killing his heart.”  He found that if a person wants to live creatively, organized religion isn’t the place.  He simply couldn’t be himself.  So, Jim stepped outside of the box and began a very interesting journey with Father.


The funny thing is, that journey with Father took Jim right back to the box!  Jim has a real heart for people who are trapped by religious obligation.  He has no illusions about changing the wine skin, but he is constantly looking for those who are in that setting but truly hunger for the One who is the bread of life.




Jim finds that religion doesn’t allow people to wrestle with God or lament before Him.  Often times God uses Jim’s music to simply give people a voice to lament before their Father.  He has also found that religion doesn’t allow people to live from the new heart that Christ has given them.  Rather religion constantly creates policies as a way to manage people’s sin.  It is Jim’s passion for people to know the new heart that Christ has already created in them that brought about his nearly completed book, “Recover Your Good Heart: Living free from religious duty and pressure.”


Jim currently lives with his wife and children in Jacksonville, Florida.  You can learn more about Jim’s music on his website www.jimrobbinspiano.com.  And you can learn more about Jim’s book as well as follow his blog and listen to his podcasts over on www.robbinswritings.com.  




Listen to some samples from Jim's new CD 'Restoration'



Psalm     Epic


Panorama   King's Carol


Evergreen     Story Piece  



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Jim Robbins


Jim Robbins is a warrior.  But his weapon of choice is very unusual.  He uses a piano.   Psalm 144:1 has had a huge impact on his life.  “Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.”


“When I sit down and play and bring my fingers to the piano,” Jim says, “it is an act of war against the dark.”  When Jim plays his hands and fingers are being used to bring about something beautiful.  And this “kingdom of beauty,” as he refers to the kingdom of God, is advancing against the kingdom of darkness.  “This can be said of any art or act of beauty in general, that there is a strength and a goodness that repels darkness.”  Jim says.



And when you listen to Jim’s music, you can not deny that it is definitely a work of beauty.  But that should come as no surprise.  Jim has been playing the piano for over 35 years.  He draws much of his inspiration from nature.  Especially the mountains, landscapes and seasons of northern New England.  “Nature has the capacity to move the heart.  Perhaps because it is the purist form of art.  Nature is craftsmanship at its best, something that God labored over to tell us something about Himself.”  Jim says.