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Our Featured Artist is

Paul Lafrance


Paul is married to Janna. They along with their children, make their home in a suburb of Toronto.


In September of 2000, Paul and Janna began gathering together with other folks in homes just trying to sort out what father was doing. As these relationships began to grow, more people were drawn together. They began to have meetings called Life Gatherings.


Currently, about 11 families and couples meet together in separate homes to worship and share the life of Christ in an environment small enough that they can interact, and on alternating weeks, come all together to worship corporately and share the Word.


The Lord has gathered new musicians around Paul and Janna and they have begun to record a new CD, which is due out this year. He has graciously allowed us to preview some of the tracks here. 


When I met Paul, I was immediately struck by the authority of this music. I knew nothing about the man, but when he began to play and sing, I immediately connected with him in his depth of love for Father. I was excited for the opportunity to chat with him and to share his music on our web site.            

-bob humphrey







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Crazy Love








What is it about God and caves? Seriously, whenever God wants to really get your attention He invites you to meet with him in a cave. You can talk to Elijah, King David, Jonah (okay so it was a fish cave), or Paul Lafrance. Since Iíll have to wait awhile before I can talk to the first three, let me tell you about Paul.


Paul and his wife, Jannaís, journey began back in 1994. At the time they were youth leaders and part of the worship ministry of the Toronto Airport Vineyard prior to the great outbreak of the Toronto Blessing. It wasnít long before Paulís ministry grew and soon was a sought-after worship leader at youth conferences across the US.


In their view, their music ministry was  heading toward "rock star" status in the Christian music world. The Toronto Airport Vineyard was the center of the Christian universe at the new millennium. People were flocking from all over the globe to participate, receive, or judge the Toronto blessing, and Paul was thick in the middle of it all. At the height of when everything was about to really explode, God called them to live in a cave. Not a literal cave mind you, but a place of darkness, silence and death. Death to idolatry of oneís own abilities, with a desperation for real relationships. They wanted to leave, but Father wanted them to stay. Offers to invest in their music ministry came, but they turned them down. They unplugged from the whole Christian music scene, desperate for intimacy with Jesus and for true life-long relationship with fellow believers.

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