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Welcome, we invite you check out artists that express their talents to others beyond church walls.


"After being rejected for questioning the established system, my family and I went into over 3 years of exile. God's faithfulness to take care of us in the spiritual wilderness and His desire to reveal Himself in an intimate way was what birthed the songs on the CD "Travel the Cave". Our biggest battle was to keep our hearts pure and stay focused on Jesus."


"Today, we play every week at a secular coffee house in Wilmington, NC. We have found a wonderful family there who love to gather and build relationships based on their search for truth and life in Jesus. We are also currently working on a new CD project entitled "Come Home".  An excerpt of lyrics explains a lot... "I've kept my hands on the plow, so tight my blisters broke. I couldn't sing another note for You. But You showed us a better way to build Your Kingdom up, we've gotta do it all in love for You!" 



We pray that anything we have done in Christ's name would touch the core of your being with newfound life and deliverance as you pursue God's path for you. And may that path lead you to the center of Who He is. Be blessed on His chest! (John 13:23)"


In Father's heart,

Will Revo

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Seek You                Shadow



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Will Revo


Will Revo is our latest featured artist.  He and his wife Cathy live in North Carolina.  He's a musician with a deep sense of Father's love.


"...to the secret place of Your heart..." That excerpt of lyrics found on the CD "Travel the Cave" would summarize the journey and the purpose behind their music. His name is Will Revo ("Revo" is my middle name short for "Revolution"). Songs come to him as a result of spending time with his Father in heaven and he sings and plays them on his acoustic guitar. His wife Cathy plays flute and percussion, Bob Gorton plays blues harp and guitar, and Lisa Delo is a new addition singing background vocals and playing some keyboard on the new project entitled "Come Home". 


"I would rather not speak of our musical experience as the songs reflect that themselves. Rather I would like to address the heart behind the music."





"At the tender age of 19, I came to know Jesus as my Savior. My journey would eventually lead me into years of organized religion and works, hoping to please my Lord. The years that ensued would reveal a longing to escape the bondage, hypocrisies, and inconsistencies of the religious hierarchy I belonged to, as well as the mandatory Church services and their traditions."