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This is our weekly podcast series featuring:

Family Room Media Podcast Guys

Bob Loren and David

We bring our unique perspective on life outside the box of organized religion to the internet, seasoned with humor and real life musings on our journey of freedom in Him. We do our best to post these on weekly basis.

Obligated To Serve? 7.4.14 (replay)

We unravel one of biggest knots of religion. The obligation of being saved in order to serve God, through serving in the church.  Does religion make you so busy serving God that you neglect living in his love?  Does your obligation to serve exchange your sense of relationship with him while reinforcing your need to perform better?


SERVE (dial-up)


SERVE (broadband)



Unlearning Things 6.24.14

Often times when you have been a part of an institutional church system, you adopt and believe the things and perspectives of that institution. So what happens when you leave that system? Many people find that they have to un-learn a lot of the things they once believed, in order to find their own belief in their relationship with their Heavenly Father.


THINGS (dial-up)


THINGS (broadband)



Love is Everything 6.10.14 (replay)

Do Christians hate homosexuals? Does being anti-gay equal hate?  This is one of the current battles in the culture wars being waged.  Could it be that Christians turning love into a mere topic of discussion, actually causes them to miss out on the most powerful influences on our culture?


EVERYTHING (dial-up)


EVERYTHING (broadband)



Sin Management 6.3.14

Do we follow a Gospel of Sin Management? Has the Christian religion become more about controlling good and evil than living in the righteousness of Christ? We share some examples of how things may appear good, but still deny Christ, and contrast them to situations that may appear bad but demonstrate Father's love.


MANAGEMENT (dial-up)


MANAGEMENT (broadband)



Daily Resurrection 5.27.14 (replay)

Once a year the institutional church celebrates Easter, successfully turning a life filled reality into a lifeless ritual. They always make the point about celebrating Easter every day, but something’s missing. How does one experience  resurrection daily?




RESURRECTION (broadband)


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